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EV1000 CNC Manual Bender

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The Unison Evbend 1000 is a CNC controlled, manually operated 3 axis CNC precision Bending machine with a capacity of up to 50.80 dia.

Our latest Evebend  is able to bend tubes up to 2” O/D with a power assisted bend arm developed by Unisons design specialists. All our tube benders are production robust and conform to industry standards.

The EB1000/2000 can produce coils for a wide range of industries that include Heating and Processing Industries. Vending, Commercial Vehicles, Printing, the Brewery trade.

End Forming
Our DB50 machinery caters for end forming, end closing, bending and hole punching. Complex and basic design end forms are produced on ferrous/ non-ferrous tube, ranging from 4mm to 63mm tube diameter.

Category: Bending - tube

Location: UK
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